Do emojis belong in the workplace? 🤷‍♀️

In a word: yes! A new global survey reveals emojis, those brightly colored, whimsical mainstays of text messages, are now widely viewed as a normal part of everyday communication, even in business.

Among the survey’s highlights:

  • 66% of global emoji users like it when people use emoji at work.
  • 73% of users think using emojis at work helps people share ideas more quickly.
  • 90% of emoji users agree the icons make it easier to express themselves. 88% of users say they’re more likely to feel empathetic toward someone if they use an emoji.
  • 75% of users think it’s fine to send an emoji instead of words when dashing off a quick response. But overusing emoji should still be avoided—it’s annoying.
  • Which emojis do global users utilize the most? The most popular is the laugh-cry one, followed by a thumbs-up in second place, and a heart in third place.

So, the next time you want to respond to a coworker with a thumbs up emoji instead of typing “OK,” do it. You might make yourself more relatable in the process.

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