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What the Alaska primary election results will tell us

It’s impossible to predict the results, of course, but what happens in this primary election will give us key insights into how the November election might play out. 

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Six reasons why Alaska legislators are calling it quits

This spring, more than one-third of Alaska’s current legislators announced they will not seek reelection. That’s a high number by any standard, even after accounting for retirements and redistricting. Let’s take a closer look at some of the main drivers for this massive opting-out by Alaska’s legislators. 

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The Legislature wraps up: The CliffsNotes version

The 32nd Alaska State Legislature sprinted to the finish late in the evening on May 18, 2022. After dramatic twists and turns that kept Alaskans on the edge of their seats, a flurry of bills passed at the last minute, including the one constitutionally mandated piece of legislation- the state budget. 

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