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Six free tools that will improve your external communication

The only thing better than discovering a new tool that makes running your business easier is finding out it’s free to use. Here are six tools we use in our business that are completely free (or offer a free, basic plan).

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What is the internet saying about you?

A quick Google search of your business can give you the surface idea of what’s being said about it online and how it appears online, which can help, or sometimes harm, its reputation.

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Major crises require staff be trained in the NIMS. Is your organization ready? 

Imagine your company’s worst disaster, then picture trying not only to respond to the crisis itself (like an active shooting), but also to write and distribute press releases (do you have an updated media list?), keep elected officials informed (do you have their phone numbers and email addresses handy?), organize a press conference (who is qualified to speak to reporters?), and take phone calls from concerned family members and/or the public. These realities come into stark focus during an actual emergency response. How you respond can literally make or break your company’s or organization’s future. 

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