How to use Instagram to engage stakeholders

Instagram isn’t just about posting influencer-worthy photos and reels. With 59% of adults using the app daily, it’s a serious communications tool you should add to your toolbox. Here are five quick suggestions to make your content more engaging and your stakeholders ready to rally behind you.

  1. Caption this!
    Use this piece of your post to provide viewers with opportunities to engage. Make it a question, a challenge, or include important details the photo might not include. Each answer in the comment section increases engagement numbers.
  2. Add a location
    Highlighting something in a unique area? Here’s your time to shine! Posts with tagged locations receive 79% more interaction.
  3. Hashtags
    We know, we know… not dumb hashtags again. But hey, they DO make a difference and allow your content to be seen by new people. Posts with at least one hashtag receive more than 12.6% more engagement than ones with none.
  4. Tell a story, literally
    Turning a photo into an Instagram story can increase its shelf life, while reaching a larger audience. Fifty-eight percent of users say they’re more interested in a brand after seeing it in a story.
  5. Reels, reels, reels
    Instagram prioritizes Reels content more than any other organic content. You don’t need to do anything fancy to make this work well. Check out this Reel we made featuring pics from a trip to Juneau. This Reel reached 7,203 people and was played 7,171 times!
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