The New Normal: Tips for communicating in this new environment

Uncertainty is the name of the game in 2020, and many things won’t return to the “normal” we once knew. Here are some considerations for your post-COVID communications strategy as the situation evolves.

Invest now for long-term success

Now is the time to make changes to things you need to in order to be successful. Website isn’t mobile-friendly? Change that NOW. It’s 2020, for goodness sakes. Investing in your business model, messages, content, and people now will pay off in the long run, guaranteed.

  • Business Model- Raise your hand if you never want to step foot in a grocery store again because pickup and delivery options are easier. Why order that puzzle from Amazon when your local bookstore has the same puzzle, and will have it waiting for you outside the store, saving shipping and 5-7 business days? Take a look at what changes you’ve made that have allowed you to survive, and decide if they should stay in place. The convenience mentality is strong and likely here to stay, so buckle up.
  • Message- Don’t be tone deaf and exploit the current situation. Your community wants to support you, so let them by forming relationships with your supporters and neighbors. Keeping a client-first mentality will be important as customers decide what changes to their purchasing decisions they want to maintain as life adjusts.
  • Content- People are looking for and engaging with content and information. Email newsletter readership is up, webinars are available on nearly every subject, and consumers are relying on websites to make informed decisions. People are soaking up the content, so give it to them.
  • People- Your employees are your number one advocates. This is the time to take care of them, support them, and listen to their opinions about the successes and failures over the past few months. It’s likely their perspectives are insightful and ones you haven’t thought of.

You’re being watched now more than ever

People are judging you and your business based on the decisions you make now, and how you’re handling adversity. Communicate how you’re adjusting and following the new guidelines. If you’re supporting your neighbors, share it. You’re not being cocky, you’re being transparent.

Use of online tools are at an all-time high

Out of all of the changes, this category is most likely the new normal. Usage in social media, apps, and video conferencing is way up, along with email open rates. People are engaging, so take advantage of it and be a part of the conversations.

Those who fail to adapt to change will be left behind

Track your struggles and successes. Ask those around you what’s worked for them. Maintain open lines of communication. Be open to new ideas, an adjusted business model, and “a new normal.”

The world as we’ve known it may never be the same, but that doesn’t mean we can’t be successful as business professionals. Prepare now and be ready, because things are changing (some for the good, even!) and we have the opportunity to come out of this stronger than before.

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